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Answer First operators work as a member of your team, your business, your virtual staff. We are here to assist your clients when you can't and we are always at work, professional and friendly. Our virtual receptionist service covers a large range of tasks that we can perform for your business from diary management and order hotlines to call overflow and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

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Our services are as varied as our clients

Our operators are not restricted as to the type of calls they may be answering next and with that in mind our systems have been custom built to be extremely flexible to our clients needs. Your receptionist will have full access to any information you can furnish us with along with any diaries or online systems you may need them to login to. A number of our clients have very bespoke needs which we are more than capable of accommodating, please call one of our team on 0845 127 8008 if you are unsure how our service could work for you or fill out the form opposite to arrage a callback.

Examples of how some of our existing clients use our services:

Diary Management for a Beauty Salon:

Our client spends most of her day actually giving pedicures and manicures to her clientele, it is simply not convenient for her to leave a client to answer the phone and so diverts all calls through to her virtual receptionists. We are able to book clients in, re-arrange or cancel appointments and also give general information to callers such as directions to the salon, treatments offered etc.

Our client and virtual receptionists use our online diary to make bookings and as everything is done in real time we avoid common diary sharing problems such as double-bookings. On close of call we email our client all the details for her to read at a convenient time, if we have made a booking within the next 24 hours or a cancellation we also SMS txt message to our client as she classes these messages as urgent.

IVR for a Chain of Cinemas:

One of our IVR clients has a number of cinemas in the South West of England. They realized that the vast majority of their callers were looking for basic information such as film times and opening times that didn't really require the need for an operator. Instead, their callers are first greeted in the cinema's name and then asked to pick from a pre-recorded menu as to which service they require. If they have an out of the ordinary question then they at any point can request to speak with an advisor at which time an Answer First virtual receptionist takes over.

Our IVR service is extremely versatile and can be programmed in an almost limitless way for each client.

Reception Service for Lettings Agency

Our client is a small, independently owned lettings agency based in the West of Scotland. The agents are often out of the office on appointments and unable to take their calls, so were missing potential business.

Rather than take on a receptionist, our client decided to send their calls through to our call answering service. Callers are unaware that we are not based in our client's office as calls are answered in the company name.

  • Client receives a reception service without having to employ another member of staff, and does not have to worry about holiday or illness cover
  • All messages are relayed to our client by email in real time, allowing them to pick up messages on their phones and respond quickly
  • Calls are answered professionally in the company name, giving the impression of being based at our client's premises.

Our client appreciates the security of knowing that their calls will be answered in a professional manner while they are out of the office on appointments.

Call Overflow for a Personal Financing Company:

Based in Reading, our client has a large office of over 100 staff. We were originally used as cover for when their regular receptionist was on maternity leave but when she came back to work the company had grown to such an extent that she was unable to cover her previous duties. Rather than employ a second receptionist, our client now sends all their overflow calls through to our operators, we answer in the company name and then transfer the caller to the appropriate department or person.

Our client loves the flexibility and assurance our service offers as they no longer need to plan for holiday or sick cover on reception, they simply send more calls through to us.



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